This story takes place in the harsh deserts of Athas, a land where metal is scarce, arcane magic defiles the world, sorcerer-kings rule the city states, fierce creatures roam the wasteland, and the gods are silent.

The heroes (or anti-heroes) begin in the city-state of Balic, a large settlement on the tip of the Balican Peninsula, surrounded by the dangerous Sea of Silt. They are:

Khadija, a gruff yet surprisingly high-maintenance mul fighter and former gladiator slave
Sihaya, a cheerful half-giant barbarian and former gladiator slave
Khayal, a surly half-elf ranger and nomadic wanderer
Markos, a congenial half-elf ardent wilder with a lisp
Fenwryk, an eladrin psion and wasteland nomad in search of his lost family

Tet-cho-tet, a thri-kreen warlock preserver and member of the Veiled Alliance
Cammet, an elf rogue with sticky fingers, tribe-member of the Shade Hunters
Valeriana, an eladrin rogue wilder in snug leather

Dark Sun: Call of the Desert

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