Veiled Alliance

Arcane magic has left the world of Athas a deadly desert. Its people blame all users of arcane magic for its ruin – defilers and preservers alike – and not only blame, but despise them. For protection from nearly universal hatred, some arcane magic users and their allies have formed secret societies, collectively known as the Veiled Alliance. Each city-state holds a different Alliance that functions independent of the others, but all oppose defilers.

Most members of the Veiled Alliance do not hold lofty ideals, but want to survive. Defilers are responsible for the need of preservers to conceal their practices, or face execution by the servants of sorcerer-kings or by angry mobs. Members of the Veiled Alliance hunt and stop defilers as damage control – if not to better their own lives, at least to prevent them from becoming worse.

Savrina Tzant and Tet-cho-tet are members of the Balican Veiled Alliance with whom the party has worked.

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Veiled Alliance

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