House Tzant

House Tzant is a Tyrian noble house that expanded to Balic, and would like to establish trade in Urik. Their house colors are black and white; their sigil depicts a black flax plant.

House Tzant are major landowners in Balic, and grow desert flax for textiles. Although they are a noble house, they are oriented toward trade, and sometimes behave more as a merchant house.

Satish Tzant is the head of the household. He is an older man with a finger-length white goatee, and a knot of white hair on the top of his head of about the same length, and is usually dressed in fine cloth of white desert flax or raw silk. He is the uncle of Savrina Tzant.

House Tzant slaves are tattooed with a black flax plant. Dorio was one of the handlers until he was killed by a captured elf slave from the Black Moon Raiders.

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House Tzant

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